Finger Safety Disc™

Comfort Stem™ reduces pressure by 40%

360° Stand Up Handle™

About MyPaci

The Classic Plus pacifier is the only 100% silicone pacifier that incorporates the proprietary Finger Safety Disc, which eliminates the possibility of finger entrapment and finger strangulation that can occur in all other 100% silicone pacifiers. The Classic Plus also addresses orthodontic and comfort issues with its proprietary Comfort Stem which lowers pressure that causes orthodontic problems by over 40%. Moms love the 360 Stand Up Handle that allows the Classic Plus to sit upright when not in use for increased cleanliness.

The MyPaci Classic Plus pacifier meets the safety approval to be used by all age groups from birth to thirty-six months of age, so there is no need to purchase another MyPaci due to your child being a few months older. The Comfort Stem provides a very soft and comfortable stem and nipple with none of the torque or pull influence from other brand’s shields. You will not see, and your child will not feel, any flexing of the shield when the stem/nipple are sucked on. The Comfort Stem also allows the use of a stiffer silicone to provide a stiffer and safer shield, which gave MyPaci a birth to thirty-six month age safety approval.

Oralign Baby was founded by Dr. John Davis, a practicing pediatric dentist, who for thirty years has treated thousands of children for orthodontic problems caused by pacifier use. He has previously invented another advanced pacifier design that is licensed to the Dr. Browns Baby Bottle company. Based on his clinical experience in seeing and treating children with orthodontic problems from pacifier use and his pacifier industry experience he has developed the Classic Plus pacifier.

Oralign Baby’s commitment is to bring innovative premium pacifier designs to the market based on needed innovation and peer-reviewed clinical science.

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