Benefits & Features

Comfort Stem™ reduces pressure by 40%

The proprietary Comfort Stem™ produces 40% less pressure, compared to similar material and wall thicknesses, with the patent pending stem to base angulation configuration. The same pressures that can cause orthodontic issues.

Finger Safety Disc™

The only 100% silicone pacifier that eliminates the possibility of finger entrapment and finger strangulation with the patent pending Finger Safety Disc™.

4 Safety air holes

360° Stand Up Handle™

Promotes cleanliness as it allows the Classic Plus to sit upright when not in use.

  • Stiffened,
    robust shield
  • Premium medical
    grade silicone
  • Invented and developed
    by a pediatric dentist

The 0-36 month testing approved design eliminates the need for multiple age-specific pacifiers and the possibility of using an unsafe age design by accident.